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Thursday, May 25, 2006

The Four-Color Spice Rack

A few elements that, applied in spare, careful amounts, make any comic better, more satisfying, more pleasing. The spice rack, if you will, of the four-color world.

  • Wonder Dogs.
  • The Generation X Quadrivium: Ninjas, Robots, Monkeys, Pirates.
  • Big-headed aliens.
  • Ads for selling “Grit.”
  • Octopi, earthly and otherwise.
  • Jimmy Olsen getting hit in the head and thinking he’s a viking.
  • Elves with guns.
  • Time-travelling gorillas.
Should they be overapplied, ruin is certain. But ah! Careful application of these provide a vigorous zest to any story, be it a Silver Age tale of Communist spies out to subvert capitalism or a modern alterno-indy comic about how the foolish, myopic world fails to understand the genius of the tormented nerd.


  • Spot on. Concise. It's hard to come up with additions that don't seem second-tier to these.

    But I really wanted to mention how amusing I found the implied over-enunciation of "LOOK, FELLOWS!"

    By Anonymous Chawunky, at 4:07 AM  

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