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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Too Easy, Sure. But Fun.

My evil twin, Dimestore Freud Jerkwater, has found a new source of weird psychosexual imagery in comics.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I give to you: The Adventures of Jerry Lewis.

(Note: click on any picture to expand it.)

Exhibit A:

Jerry being mounted from behind by a giant cat.

With a gun.

While a child looks on.


(Okay, it may be a giant rat. Hard to tell. Since "cat" works better for the bit, I'll say it's a cat.)

Exhibit B:

A monsterous mother. "Drowning in milk."


Exhibit C:

Oh come on.

Let's add this up:

Jerry tied to a target + Little boys and girls aiming arrows at him + a man dressed in a cross between Gestapo and camp counselor gear, wearing shorts that say "Uncle Ted" on them + his "Oh, Please, Dorothy!" posture + the name "Camp Wack-A-Boy" = I'm not sleeping well tonight after seeing this cover.

Exhibit D:

Okay, there's nothing particularly Freudian in this. I just think the image of the horse shooting the gun is funny.

Ah, comics.


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