Filing Cabinet of the Damned

Thursday, April 28, 2005

Look, kids! Links!

I finally got off my ass and figured out how to add links to this page.

How about that.

For a change of pace, I recommend checking out a well-written blog about higher education in America among the links: "Confessions of a Community College Dean." I come from a line of academics, so I'm familiar with the problems faced by colleges. A joy to see someone approach the issues without resorting to pre-chewed opinions and ossified views. Plus the occasional tales of his family life are charming.

And for those who dig Blogland, there's "Delenda Est Carthago," a sometimes-comic blog by Greg. The man be good. His other blog, "The Daughter Chronicles," where he talks about raising his darlin' daughters, is even better. Less spandex, more humanity. Dig it.

Edited to put the links in this post as well as the sidebar.