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Thursday, April 20, 2006

Releasing the Inner Beavis

My inner Beavis must have its day.

Thus, I give you...The Atom.

Hehhehehehehehmmmheheheheh. He said...he said... hehehehehemmmheheheh!

And...uh...nice butt, dude. Yeah!


Maturity will return with later posts. Relative maturity, at least.

A disturbing confession: I have Beavis's hair. Seriously.

The only member of the comic blogosphere who's ever seen me in the flesh is Devon of Seven Hells. He could probably vouch for my Beavis-do, provided he remembers my brief visit to Big Monkey Comics.

The ladies, they love the Beavis 'do. The sniggering immaturity and nose-picking, not so much. But the hair? Drives 'em wild.

(I could also be described as a possessor of "the Terry Long look," but he's too dang skeevy. I'll stick with Brother Beavis. There's more dignity in the nose-picking couch-surfer than the creepy ex-professor-guy.)

Apologies to Dial B for Blog, from whom I copped the panel. He avoided the sniggering jokes. Me, I have to drag everything down and ruin it for everybody. Because that's the kind of man I am. Heh.


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