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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Passing Thoughts

Do you realize that not one superhero has a costume that includes a hat like the Buckingham Palace guards?


The latest Spider-Man costume redesign should have included one.

"It's Spider-Man! And he's wearing a two-foot-tall fuzzy hat! RUN!"

How much would that rock?

The answer: a lot.


A bad idea, but hey: given that the big Marvel Comics crossover event this year is called "Civil War," wouldn't the Marvel Earth later be infested with Superhero Civil War re-enactors?

"This is Steve, from Minnesota. He'll be Wolverine. We've duct-taped some kitchen knives to his forearms, so be careful, they're sharp."

"Hey, Murray! Your costume isn't authentic! Iron Man's armor didn't have hip-pods during the war!"

"Honey, you know I'd love to fix the deck, but you know that this weekend the fellas are re-enacting the Battle of Issue Six, and I have to be there! I'm Graviton!"

Oh yeah...that'd be annoying.


From the Nerd Herd, a recommendation: The next Essentials volume that should be put together is "the Essential Adam Warlock." It'd contain:

Fantastic Four #66-67
Thor #165-166
Marvel Premiere #1-2
The Power of Warlock #1-8
The Incredible Hulk #176-178
Strange Tales #178-181
Warlock #9-15
Marvel Team-Up #55
Avengers Annual #7
Marvel Two-in-One Annual #2

That’d give you the three important stages of the character:

--Adam Warlock as the blank slate known as “Him,” when he was a superhero Frankenstein.

--Adam Warlock as the hero of "Counter-Earth," when he was a superhero Jesus. The parallels were naked, and his story came complete with crucifixion and resurrection. Yes, really.

--And the Adam Warlock of the legendary Starlin run, which was a damn fine slab of comics.

The volume would be 29 issues of regular comics, plus two annuals. I think stories were short during much of this run (17 pages each, not 22 or 26), so it'd be a long-ish Essential, but it'd fit into one volume.

Man, that'd be schweet. Ranging from Big Kirby Action to Severely Whacked-Out Message Comics to the zenith of Cosmic Comics, it'd be a hell of a read.



    Proof once again that if you can blog about it hypothetically ... someone else has already done it.


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