Filing Cabinet of the Damned

Wednesday, January 19, 2005

The Master of Glomp Glukkle Shlik Shlorp Ghomp Glunk Glik Shtork

Comic art has many masters, greats who redefined the medium and broadened its horizons.

Kirby, the master of dynamic action. Eisner, the master of humanist storytelling. That...other guy, master of...something really cool. You know, that guy. He did that thing one time. No, no, not that guy, the other one. Yeah, him.

I digress.

To this pantheon, I hereby add longtime Mad Magazine artist Don Martin, quite possibly the greatest master of the sound effect to ever walk the earth.

A few small examples of his work:

Zazzik! Zik! Zik! Zizzazik! -- rotary phone dialing.
Poit! – Man having wooden clothes-hanger pulled out of his mouth.
Paf! TOOONG! -- The Frog Prince transforming into a human, then having his head impaled on the bottom of a portcullis.
Phelop! -- A firing squad passing out due to the stench of the captain’s armpit.
Ffpghftp! -- A caveman inventing a musical instrument.
Shika-shika shika-shika spoof! – A caveman rubbing sticks together and creating fire.
Kadoonk – Meatloaf being shoved into the mouth of a chained prisoner by a high-leaping jailer.
Fladapp – Man being hit with fish.
Pwang – Man hit in face with frying pan.
Flabadap – Rapunzel’s hair unfurling.
Glomp Glukkle Shlik Shlorp Ghomp Glunk Glik Shtork – Lord Greystoke dining.

He has no equal. Let us raise Don Martin to the status he deserves.

Don Martin: Master of the Silly-Ass Sound Effect. Titan of Comics. A Fonebone for All Seasons.

(In the course of writing this, I found that somebody’s already created a repository of Martin’s sound effects. What a resource. Should you want to know what a man swallowing razor blades sounds like, check it here: