Filing Cabinet of the Damned

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Googled Into Greatness

I use an internet tool to see how people find this site. Most come from the Comic Weblog update site, Mike Sterling's Progressive Ruin, Neilalien, or Confessions of a Community College Dean.

Some arrive via Google search.

As I am both vain and curious, I dug around to see what search terms lead folks to this page.

Thus did I learn something. Something beautiful.

Filing Cabinet of the Damned is Google's #2 result for the words flatulent guys.

To quote the great philosopher, statesman, and man of letters, Ali G: "Booyakasha!"

Edited to add: Okay, I just found some more interesting search terms that led here.

onomatopoeia - The Remains of The Day by Kazuo

what does brimstone smell like

real zombie stories

types of slurpee

You gotta love the Internet.


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