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Thursday, August 24, 2006

This One's For Burgas

Greg Burgas, Marvel Comics has produced The Comic For You!

(For those unfamiliar with his work, Burgas is the blogger who writes for Delenda Est Carthago, The Daughter Chronicles, and Comics Should Be Good. He's a former schoolteacher, father of two adorable li'l girls, and all-around decent fellow.)

What comic is this? Which is The One For Burgas?

The first issue of the upcoming series Blade.

Check out this publicity blurb (boldface mine):

The star of three blockbuster movies and a hit television series is finally getting what he deserves…his very own ongoing comic series. Blade #1 sees the return of the Blade to his own comic ...the Lord of the Undead, Dracula, makes an appearance. But what’s scarier than the most fearsome vampire in history? How about Blade having to face down an entire classroom of bloodsucking fourth graders? And all of this is just in the first issue!

A classroom of vampiric fourth graders.

Entering a classroom to find a score of tiny little monsters, each one a half-human, half-demon, all a second away from flying into an animal frenzy, hungry for your blood?

Any schoolteacher could relate, I'm sure.

"I'll put you in time out. Time out...forever!"


  • You know, I wasn't going to buy this. Now I MUST!

    I taught high school but substituted in elementary a few times. Those kids are just as evil as the older ones. They all need a stake through the heart!

    By Blogger Greg, at 12:21 AM  

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