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Tuesday, September 19, 2006


Today I found that the two Big Fat Reprint editions I'd most longed for will, in fact, be produced!

--The Essential Defenders, Volume Two (the Steve Gerber years) and
--Showcase Presents: The Brave and the Bold (the Bob Haney years).

The two I wanted most...the foremost icons of lunatic comics...and I found out about them on the same day...on Talk Like a Pirate Day, no less.

Oh, so sweet. So very sweet. Or, more appropriately, "yaaar, har har!"

I had to share this most excellent news with the blogosphere. I've preordered The Defenders on Amazon, and will throw in B&B as soon as I can. Ah, so good. Those two volumes will contain the high points of whacked-out comics produced by the Big Two in ye olden days. I have dreamed of their publication for some time.



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