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Friday, October 20, 2006

Mark Trail's Newest Ally in the War On Naughtiness!

The Mark Trail comic strip for Thursday, October 16, 2006 introduced a bold new character, one certain to become a fan favorite:


He's ready to lend a bill to help Mark Trail arrest a pair of dastardly poachers!

He'll find them and bring them to web-footed justice if he has to tear apart the city to do it!

Crimefighter Duck is a relentless manhunter! No crooks can shake this drake!



On a mostly unrelated note, I just found out that the upcoming Dr. Fate ongoing series will be written by Steve Gerber. The Gerb was responsible for some of the great whacked-out comics ever produced, including the recently-cancelled and damn fine book Hard Time. His fondness for the absurd, his gift for strange imagery, and his strong humanism should make the series a high point for DC.


Whoever hired The Gerb for the job, I owe you a fruit basket.


  • COMMISIONER: Gosh, Crimefighter Duck! You sure make criminals pay!
    CRIMEFIGHTER DUCK: Commissioner, not only do I make them pay...I put it on my bill!
    ALL: (laugh heartily)

    (No one draws potentially talking animals like Jack Elrod!)

    By Blogger Bully, at 6:18 PM  

  • You know, I don't think I've ever commented before, but, Harvey, I think you crack me up more often than Dave Campbell, and that's saying something.

    Is Jack Elrod a closet surrealist? Granted, my paper doesn't have Mark Trail, and I don't generally follow the stories, but... that strip made absolutely no sense to me.

    First we have two guys in an office! Then Crimefighter Duck, who appears to be sitting on... something... in a park! Then two more guys, in a different indoor space, with a very small bear on a leash! (At least I think it's a very small bear. It could also be a very large dog, or a mutated beaver, or Jack Elrod.) Not to mention a complete lack of captions to help us Crimefighter Duck fans figure out what the foosh is going on.

    Yep, Elrod is either a surrealist, a lunatic, or an untalented surrealist lunatic. Anyone wanna make any bets? ;)

    Verification word: fubelwux... also the noise I made when I saw the full strip in all its glory. Smallish-bear-or-possibly-largish-dog FTW! (Wait a mo... I bet he's Crimefighter Duck's archenemy! That explains everything! Ahhh... nah, no it doesn't.)

    By Anonymous SEM, at 7:36 AM  

  • And when the poachers shoot at crimefighting duck and miss, a dog pops up from behind some bushes points and laughs at them.

    By Blogger joncormier, at 9:26 AM  

  • By Blogger dfadf, at 2:23 AM  

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