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Thursday, August 31, 2006

The Safety Word is "Alfred"

I feel weak for posting such an obvious and overused bit, but I couldn't possibly leave this alone. I just couldn't.

To borrow a line from Dorian of Postmodernbarney:

"Subtext? What Subtext?"

Seeing Bruce Wayne tied to a chair by an underage boy in chainmail panties and elf boots while he himself is forced to wear a yellow and red spandex costume, and being told that "it is all for his own good," well, it brings back memories.

Hey, I had to pay for college somehow.

I think that on the next page, a mutant banana-man wearing a rooster mask attacks them with a bullwhip made from a chain of linked sausages.

Nope, there's no subtext here.

Move along.


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