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Thursday, March 16, 2006

The Champions Project Index

Here are links to all of the posts in my long-term vanity project, The Champions.

The introduction to it all, "Oh What the Hell," where I discuss the inspiration for the project, the basic plan, and the likelihood that it will end up a massive pile of odious fanboy wankery. But dammit, I'm having fun. Woo!

The opening issue: The Champion #1

And the minis, thus far:

Moondragon #1: Plague of Apes

Moondragon #2: The Strange Secret of Tommy Callahan!

Moondragon #3: Slaves of the Laughing Death

Moondragon #4: I and Thou

The Black Knight
The Black Knight #1: The Black Knight Must Die!

The Black Knight #2: The Fist of Six Fingers

The Black Knight #3: Hell Goes Round and Round

The Black Knight #4: The Black Knight Must Die!

Mephisto #1: Robinson, The Man of Mystery!

The Reject
The Reject #1: City of Lights, City of Bees!


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