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Thursday, March 23, 2006

Raising and Lowering the Level of Discourse at the Same Time

An article about the human nose in the Washington Post back on November 2, 2002 gave us a remarkable bit of historical fact:

"...early Muslims believed that flatulence caused angels to go blind. In fact...if a person passed wind outside a mosque, the act was so connected with evil that people marked spots where it occurred with small piles of stones."

This should enter the common lexicon. "Man, stop blinding angels! I can't breathe over here!" Should someone float a biscuit of such potency as to rattle windowpanes, I believe piling up stones to mark the site, if only as a warning to others, is an excellent idea.

Yes, we here at Filing Cabinet of the Damned believe that fart talk can be educational as well as amusing.


  • "Stop Blinding angels man!"

    Thats the second time you've cracked me up today and made me look like a retard in front of my colleagues.

    I'll fuckin get you.

    By Blogger NiolK, at 12:24 PM  

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